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Hunting for homos

Hunting for homos

The coverage of homosexuality in the Australian media recently has rivalled that of countries like Uganda and Iran, where same sex love is punishable by death by stoning.

Too harsh?

The Herald Sun and Channel Seven have been the main offenders, while Channel Ten’s The 7 PM Project deserves a fabulous round of applause.

Jason Akermanis’s comments were of course the worst. But worse for the Herald Sun newspaper to publish them.

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South Park offends Muslims, Jews, Christians? No Sh*t

South Park offends Muslims, Jews, Christians? No Sh*t

Courtesy of our great friend Wikipedia

Muhammad may have been a prophet, but he didn’t see this coming

Didn’t the 16th Century happen like 500 years ago? Are people still scared of ideas? What’s going on?

In case you haven’t heard, about ten people got angry about a recent South Park episode which pictures the Islamic prophet Muhammad (think tarot cards, astrology, crystal balls, tea leaves…etc) wearing a bear suit. Fair enough-bear suits deeply offend me as well.

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The Age of Catherine Deveny is not over

Catherine Deveny loses less than The Age

Deveny: Devil or Saint?

Catherine Deveny should not have been sacked from The Age. The paper has lost support from her fans, and gained no new readers from her dismissal. From their point of view, a devenstating mistake.

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