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Cool Has No Law

I intend to be cool

  Although, I think being cool is like being a celebrity:
  If you have to say it, it probably ain't true.
  Being cool, though, does not just mean being popular:
  it can  mean cold, awesome, interesting, quirky,
  inspiring, exhilarating, disinterested, bad, calm, wonderful.

So what is information cool?

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South Park offends Muslims, Jews, Christians? No Sh*t

South Park offends Muslims, Jews, Christians? No Sh*t

Courtesy of our great friend Wikipedia

Muhammad may have been a prophet, but he didn’t see this coming

Didn’t the 16th Century happen like 500 years ago? Are people still scared of ideas? What’s going on?

In case you haven’t heard, about ten people got angry about a recent South Park episode which pictures the Islamic prophet Muhammad (think tarot cards, astrology, crystal balls, tea leaves…etc) wearing a bear suit. Fair enough-bear suits deeply offend me as well.

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