Media Watch Australia is designed as a forum where people can discuss anything from TV to radio, newspapers to magazines, YouTube to Facebook.

Each TV show and radio station have their own space for comments, but this is designed as  a place people can talk about any station or publication instead of following random threads on YouTube or conversations buried deep in another site.

It offers a place to read about how current affairs are being covered by the media.

Born of a university project, it is growing into something permanent. So feel free to discuss the shows and the articles.

Comments are welcome!


3 responses to “About

  1. O. Prime

    Dear Media Watch,

    As leader of the Transformers, here on earth to protect you earthlings from the evil Megatron, I take offence at your suggestion that I might be somehow related to the small, weedy milky-bar boy you call ‘Kevin Rudd.’ I may be in favour of building an education revolution, but its primary task should be teaching younglings the truths of the universe, not putting Labor plaques on school libraries.

    Yours Sincerely,

  2. I think Q&A is the best show on TV at the moment for politics. Better than the 7:30 Report or Lateline… Pollies can’t escape!

  3. ‘I’m not religious, I’m an Anglican’ – Lindsay Tanner.

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