Comment ça-va?

Comment ça-va?

A good proportion of my time is spent commenting on articles. It’s the best way to thrash out an argument or continue a discussion.

Media convergence has made this possible.

My favourite shows for discussion are Q&A, Insight, Dateline, Jon Faine on 774, Neil Mitchell on 3AW, and ABC’s The Drum. And the one thing these shows have in common? Audience participation.

Blogs are not dissimilar.

They encourage debate among users by leaving the question open to interpretation. Frequently radio presenters will refer to their Facebook page or their twitter followers. Q&A has introduced on-screen tweets during the show which encourages people to interact with the topic at hand. And after shows like Dateline (SBS) there is an online discussion between users. It’s a great way to flesh out a discussion.

This kind of media convergence has been modelled from the growth of blogs. Really, it’s more like necessity.

When researching what to write about for my niche, it was important to read the comments because they often criticise, which is what I want to do as an Axel Bruns-style ‘gate keeper’ blogger (instead of gate-watcher).

This technique worked especially well with my post on Catherine Deveny, which got heaps of reads and a few comments (also because of search engine optimisation).

I’ve found the stories with the most comments are the most contentious, divisive, or interesting. Typical subjects are religion, politics and people retiring.

Reading the comments section of Catherine Deveny’s article on The Drum, it was interesting to follow the massive influx of comments. There are about 1,250 at last count, and half of them are abusive and cruel, while the other half are supportive and kind. Typical. What was most interesting is that people started arguing with each other – this happens often on the Q&A site after each show.

Geert Lovink spoke about the quality of internet debates and blogs. His nihilist impulse theory on blogging is not as bad as it sounds. Lovink’s analysis, in my reading, is that blogs are always critical of ‘the establishment’ and thus futile or self-defeating. As such, they spiral into personal insults. But I have found that some can be sarcastic, witty, inspiring, educational and challenging.

Of course, it depends on the site – most YouTube users do not have much in common with Q&A users.

YouTube is perhaps the venue that brings out the worst in people. But it is interesting. The users’ anonymity gives them free reign for hatred, bile, abuse and lies. But there is also an anarchy to the comment threads. Nobody is going to read 14,000 comments about some dodgy video, but they respond to other users, creating new threads and tangents. Often it will turn into a slander match between two or three people, with little relevance to the thread. Lev Manovich agrees,

“The web is, in effect, millions of such conversations taking place at the same time.”

Manovich’ position on this is a bit tentative. I don’t see it as a problem.

The point of this blog is to foster debate about the media, so some would argue that getting into personal attacks and vitriol is a bad thing because it detracts from the original point. On the contrary, I often gauge the debate by the level of bile on the comment thread. There are always a few people who stand up and go head-to-head (this is usually me).

Tim from Climate Communications blog has one of the funniest exchanges I’ve ever seen (click here for the post) which shows how an insult can turn into a proper argument. The mere fact I’ve linked it here proves Bruns’ point; users shape their own internet by democratic optimistic means.

Insults get people engaged. It makes some people shy away, but other stand up and fight. This is a boon for bloggers because it means more visitors and more interest in your blog. You start to set the agenda.

More broadly, news outlets have all adopted online comment sections because they know users will spend time on their site which, coupled with effective advertising, equals dollars. I think this is the way news and current affairs is going.

Comments from the man on the street are now getting their run in the press.

Just for fun: (and a warning-this message contains so much crap that I had to include it for comic value. It was written to me by some eloquent YouTube probably in response to some comment I made. But I think it perfectly captures the mood of YouTube comment culture):

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  1. Sorry about the ridiculous letter!

    This is a bit of a serious blog, so I had to lighten it up a bit. Plus I saw Tim’s comment argument:

    and I thought I’d compete!

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